Support Silversmiths

East Java area was known as the central power of ancient Majapahit Kingdom, the biggest Kingdom in Indonesia in 13-15 century. The prosperity and wealthiness of Majapahit Kingdom raises many goldsmiths and silversmiths to supply the need of the palace and the increased number of trade in and outside Majapahit Kingdom.

Since a jeweller needs a special skill and knowledge, they are honored by the Kingdom and the society. Silversmiths taught their knowledge of making jewelry from generations to generations. Time after time, as the modernity touch the world, the traditional silversmiths profession become faded, along with their image and wealthiness.The common society can only see that traditional silversmithing as a rough work and only gain small income.Therefore the young generations hesitate to learn silversmithing.

To restore the existence of of this ancient cultural heritage, Artistica Jewelry support silversmiths to survive and preserve their skill and craftmanship. We gather honest and talented silversmiths to handle your orders. So the silversmiths and their family can have a fair life. The silversmiths who joined Artistica Jewelry may proposed a loan to buy silversmithing tools, fulfill their daily needs, get their children to school, also renovate their house.

When you purchase our jewelries, you give a lot of help and relieve silversmiths to survive in this modernity world.Because every piece is created with the heart and as a signature of world’s cultural heritage.

Let’s make them survive!

Artistica Jewelry Indonesia Support Silversmith
“I Can Build My Workshop.”

Thank you Buyers & Artistica. Because of you, now I can build an ordinary workshop & buy silversmithing tools with the loan from Artistica. This workshop and tools can expedite our work. I can hire new silversmiths & we get income for our family’s living in the village. It really reaally a big help for us!

Artistica Jewelry Indonesia Support Silversmith
“Hospital Fee for My New Born Baby Girl.”

Just a few days to be happy welcoming my new born baby girl, we received a bad news that our baby suffered for respiratory illness and her body became blue. The doctor said she couldn’t breathe normally because of the liquid inside the placenta go through her respiratory system. I was panicked with this situation and get her directly to hospital. Confused & cornered with hospital cost, I requested help to Artistica & finally with the loan of Artistica I can pay the fee for the hospital and medicines. Now my baby is healthy, she gains weight and I’m really excited to see her growing. I am happy to be part of Artistica.

Artistica Jewelry Indonesia Support Silversmith
“New Laptop for My Son’s School.”

I have a simple & happy family, we have 3 sons. Now my middle son is on the Junior High Schools & the oldest is on Senior High School. Laptop is one of a requirement on his school, while it is quite expensive for us but my sons needs the laptop to do his assignment and study. I don’t have enough money. So I ask for loan in Artistica for the laptop. My sons was really happy when they heard that I could get a laptop. Now they can study with laptop alternately and I am proud of my sons. Thank you so much..